Madhu Manuka Honey MGO 800

Madhu Manuka Honey MGO 800+

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Manuka Honey Rare Earth Edition MGO 800


This Manuka honey has been tested twice in New Zealand and Germany by independent laboratories (Analytica and QSI Quality Services International). This honey is free from contamination. We place great emphasis on delivering a quality that satisfies the highest of standards.


The earth is dry and the rainfall irregular. Biting wind rolls through the rugged cliffs of the young, coastal mountains. During New Zealand’s summer months, white blossoms accumulate in the hollows, spreading their characteristic fragrance. It is precisely here where the wild, secluded raw power of Wairarapa thrives, and where a rare, natural wonder takes place: the Manuka bushes produce a nectar that is so rich in content that the bees are able to produce an even stronger honey. Harvesting of Manuka MGO 800 can begin.

With a certified methylglyoxal concentration of over 800 milligrams per kilogram, this variety is a real rarity. Only around 10 percent of Manuka honey reaches such extraordinary potency.