Madhu Manuka Honey MGO 400

Madhu Manuka Honey MGO 400+

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Madhu Honey's Black Edition is from over 85% Manuka flowers. The certified methylglyoxal (MGO) concentration is greater than 436 mg/kg.


This Manuka honey has been tested twice in New Zealand and Germany by independent laboratories (Analytica and QSI Quality Services International). This honey is free from contamination. We place great emphasis on delivering a quality that satisfies the highest of standards.

Manuka Honey MGO 400

Appreciated by experts and feared by germs: With a concentration of more than 400 milligrams of methylglyoxal per kilogram, this honey is an extraordinary strong manuka honey. It owes its notoriety and aggressive, black colour to this property.


A powerful honey through and through, which is evident from its colour and flavour. Our MGO 400 is captivating with its full-bodied aroma and prevailing aromatic notes of the Manuka bush.