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Eight Flavor Tea/Zhi Bai Di Huang Tang Tincture - For Women's Health

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Eight Flavor Tea/Zhi Bai Di Huang Tang Tincture

It is used clinically by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to nourish Yin (the female half of the yin-yang) while clearing deficient heat patterns. It has clinical application use in syndrome patterns that include but not limited to: Urinary tract infections characterized by Damp heat patterns and Yin deficiency, Yin deficient type diabetes patterns, and Yin deficiency type menopausal syndrome patterns.

Ingredients: Alkaline water, Organic sugar cane alcohol (20%), and a blend of the following dry herbs decocted: Rehmannia prepared root (shu di), Anemarrhena root (zhi mu), Phellodendron bark (huang bai), Cornus fruit (shan zhu yu), Dioscoria root (shan yao), Poria fungus (fu ling), Moutan bark (mu dan pi), Alisma rhizome (ze xie).
Manufacturer: Golden Lotus Herbs